From Depression to Joy: A Parent's Handbook for Teenage Wellness by Sara Makin

“From Depression to Joy”

Learn the basics of “troubleshooting” your teenagers when it comes to their depression. They may not communicate to you when they have problems but there are signs that you can read. Know how to identify these  warning signs, understand the situation and help your loved one overcome their depression.

“From Depression to Joy” is a nationally best selling book and has hit best seller status in 5 categories just on Amazon  alone.


Here are some testimonials from people who have read and applied the information:

Sara Makin has written an amazing parenting handbook for both reaching and healing troubled teens with depression. Sara Makin recently said in an interview, “We cure hams, and we heal people.” The problem with western medicine is a state of over-medicating patients. Sarah is spot on and is truly gifted at her holistic approach.

Why do people eat all this sugary fatty food is a great question. Some of the reasons are because they’re unhappy, they’re bored, and it’s easy to escape in front of a television on a sugar and meat lethargic high. The end results are more mental pain and suffering. We are lonely and frightened, and we feel isolated. True healing really involves helping people achieve health in all aspects of their lives and this book is going to bring it to you. I am so excited about this book. We are fortunate to have Sara, a truly gifted practitioner in her field sharing her experience and wisdom at helping us reach and heal the troubled teens in our lives.

-Rocco , Student, California


“Every parent needs to read this. It’s straight to the point and practical! Before I read this book , I felt so bad for not knowing how to help out my son. After I read the book, I started to do things like suggest my son to walk the dog and  completely cut out all processed foods. I’m not sure what part of the plan most helped him, but the change is miraculous. He is laughing again and his grades even went up. I cannot thank you enough Sara!”

-Susan, Stay at home mom, Pennsylvania


I was in a bad slump… weight gain, my boyfriend broke up with me and I was not happy. I spent most of my days feeling like crap . My parents wanted me to see my guidance counselor and he recommended me to read this . I tried out juicing and replaced my diet pops with them. That alone made a big difference in my mental health and body. This book helped me out. Not only is my depression gone, but I even dropped some pounds.”

-Ellie , High school student, Texas


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From Depression to Joy by Sara Makin