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30 Day Jumpstart | Nutritionist Pittsburgh

Are you finally ready to make a change with your diet , but don’t know where to start? At Makin Wellness, we have holistic nutrition services specifically designed to help you meet your wellness goals. Laura Stewart, BA, CHN is our experienced holistic nutritionist that will help guide you through your next 30 days !nutritionist Pittsburgh

Our intent with nutritional counseling is to help to improve your overall wellness and quality of life. Mrs. Stewart is certified in holistic nutrition and has experience in helping busy clients to meet their wellness goals. She will help you make realistic and sustainable changes with your diet. Laura also loves working with families and promoting happy habits.

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Our 30 Day Jumpstart program has everything you need to reset your diet. Here are some benefits from our jumpstart program:

  • Improved digestion
  • Weight management
  • Increased energy
  • Better focus
  • Improved mood
  • Hormonal balance


What Should I Expect?nutritionist Pittsburgh

You will meet with Laura individually once every two weeks. The first time you meet, you’ll explain your personal wellness goals. Laura will then work with you to create lifestyle and diet changes, customized to fit with your lifestyle. A thorough assessment and body systems analysis will be done to see what nutrition, essential oils and supplements may be of best benefit to you.  After two-four weeks, a follow up appointment is recommended to discuss your progress. Our evidence based plans are created to have measurable results and noticeable benefits you can experience immediately.nutritionist Pittsburgh

  • 2 session program for introductory rate of $300  $150 through end of September 2019
  • 2 sessions with holistic nutritionist
  • 30 day meal plan
  • supplement and essential oil recommendation nutritionist Pittsburgh
  • body systems analysis

** Payment: Cash/Credit/HSA

** Payment plans available!

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I really enjoy working with Laura on my nutritional and health goals. She’s very knowledgeable and professional. She has helped me so much. I really liked how balanced she is about what foods to eat. I used to feel bad about eating carbs but she has helped me realize that not all carbs are bad and actually they can be beneficial. I definitely have more energy following her food plan. She never makes you feel bad when you do give into foods you shouldn’t eat. Her protocol is easy to follow. I like how she recommends supplements to take, which is very helpful in boosting my mood and helping with SIBO. Laura has also made me essential oil blends to help with sleep and anxiety. Again that’s another helpful tool. Thanks Laura! You’re awesome!
Vanessa S
nutritionist Pittsburgh

Let’s get started! nutritionist Pittsburgh

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