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Online Services

So what exactly is online counseling and nutritional services ?online therapy

Online therapy and nutritional services provide a private and secure treatment option from the luxury of your own home. Online counseling & nutritional services are a comfortable and convenient option that allow you the opportunity to speak with us in a familiar and private therapy

What type of technology is used during sessions?

  • Teleconferencing – Through the use of secure & HIPPA compliant teleconferencing platforms, a face to face interaction is very similar to a visit to Makin Wellness
  • Telephone – This interaction is for individuals who either don’t have video or are more comfortable talking on the phone.

At Makin Wellness, we feel that the quality of our provider/client interaction is of the most value, regardless of what platform is used; thus, great treatment can be equally or even more effective than traditional office sessions depending on your unique therapy

Can I benefit from online sessions?

Online sessions are definitely not for everyone, but they been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment option for lots of people. Those seeking treatment who find themselves in extreme circumstances, like suicidality , could be better suited to visit our Downtown Pittsburgh or New Kensington locations.

I believe I can benefit from seeking out treatment, but transportation is tough and I live outside the city.

Makin’ the commitment to go to therapy or change your nutrition comes with the responsibility of transportation and making sure you are in the office on time!  The benefit of online services provide an alternative for those who don’t have consistent transportation or just simply don’t want to drive if they don’t have do. Online sessions are a great tool for those who live in suburbs or remote areas as well. Find out for yourself and schedule  your initial session today !