In holistic therapy sessions, we can teach you how to use mindfulness and self awareness skills to make authentic and lasting changes in your life. By learning how to focus your energy and thoughts on the present moment without judgment, you can let go of the past and future fears, worries, regret and guilt that is fueling your pain and keeping you in a rut. You will learn new ways to manage your thinking so they no longer manage you.  pittsburgh counseling new kensington counseling


Together, we’ll work to change your relationship to you thoughts so the chatter in the back of your mind encourages you rather than continue to discourage you. With a holistic therapeutic  approach and the support of a warm, compassionate and experienced therapist, you can cultivate more motivation, inspiration and happiness in your life. You can learn to better use your valuable, personal resources, create your potential, find a positive path forward and experience effective, lasting and meaningful change and healing.  We have convent locations in Downtown Pittsburgh , Downtown New Kensginton and even a secure online location where you can heal from the luxury of wherever you want. We invite you to schedule a session today so you start to heal and become happy again .

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pittsburgh counseling new kensington counseling