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PTSD Evaluations for Medical Marijuana

If you feel like medical marijuana can benefit you, you will first need a written PTSD diagnosis and evaluation from a trauma- informed mental health professional like the ones at Makin Wellness! PTSD Evaluation Medical Marijuana

What is the Evaluation Like?

We can meet online securely, via phone or in one of our offices. The evaluation we go through consists of talking about what trauma(s) you have experienced and how that impacts your life now. We are trauma informed and therefore will be following your lead with how much you feel ready to self disclose. Talking about trauma may be painful , and we are here to support you throughout this evaluation process.PTSD Evaluation Medical Marijuana

How Do I Start?

PTSD Evaluation Medical Marijuana
Schedule online here  to set up your session. We offer extremely flexible hours and are so happy to work around your schedule .

What Happens Next?

If you fit criteria for PTSD, we will send you documentation to support that. We will give you that document same day in the office, securely send it to you electronically or in the mail; it is whatever your preference is! We also can refer you to a medical marijuana certification center or doctor. We can recommend different certifying doctors depending on what area you live in.

What About Insurance?

PTSD Evaluation Medical Marijuana
We can show you how you may get reimbursed through insurance.

Can We Still Meet if I Don’t Live In PA?

Yes we can meet for an evaluation, but not continued counseling. Your doctor that prescribes your medical marijuana needs to be in your state. Our evaluations are valid in all states. We are experts in trauma , so feel comforted that you are speaking with an expert!

What if My Employer Drug Tests Me?

Every employer is different, but it is good to have your medical card and proof that you are using cannabis medicinally. If you have additional questions related to the legalities of medical marijauna or if you are self medicating, please check out Cannabis Legal Solutions. PTSD Evaluation Medical Marijuana


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