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Are there parts of your life that you so desperately want to change? Are your bookshelves filled to the brim with self help books you purchased with the best intentions , which are now collecting dust? Do you struggle to actually do what you want and put your ideas into action?  Maybe you want to meditate more, be less stressed or more effective at work. Or maybe you are wrestling with deep seeded issues, like finding your place in the world or getting meaning from your life. Do you want to find new means of integrating creativity, vision and direction into your daily life?Pittsburgh life coach

Changing your life takes a ton of work! Even if you have the purest of intentions and bursts of inspiration towards your goals, maintaining that momentum and maintaining change can be quite the challenge. Even if you are flustered, annoyed or think that significant change is impossible for you, there is hope. Through holistic coaching, I can teach you how to develop insight into your own habits and routines to create awareness and action that are in alignment with your morals. All change happens right now and mindfulness can be a wonderful tool to help get you there.Pittsburgh life coach

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