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Mindful Life Coaching

Do you want to take your life to the next level?Mindful Life Coaching

Are you looking to practice mindfulness as a way to manifest your life goals? Do you want to live your life with empowerment, productivity and increased focus? Maybe you have been feeling a bit stressed or unsatisfied and it seems that a mindfulness coach , instead of a therapist, could help you clear away mental cloudiness and create actionable goals. You may even be at a place in your life where you’re are a crossroads and want to make sure you are mindful for this new chapter. There may be things that you’d like to work on or there are a few areas that need attention. Are you searching for a way to boost productivity, create focus, improve relationships and life a satisfying life based on intention and purpose? Mindful Life Coaching

Whether you are feeling stuck in a rut or dissatisfied, it never feels fulfilling to end yet another day with a feeling that you didn’t truly live. You might feel like you’re constantly putting out fires rather than lighting them and wonder what it is that truly makes you come alive. Or, maybe many aspects of your personal and/or professional life are going well, but you know it’s time to plant seeds of intention and take every day to a bigger and brighter level. You may have come to the significant realization that you are only given so many breaths in your body and know that at the end of your life, you want to be satisfied with who you were and all you accomplished rather than wishing for a do-over. Whether it’s time for you to explode into your full career potential, foster healthy, meaningful relationships, reach specific goals or cultivate the skills needed to live a thoughtful, grounded and balanced life, mindfulness-based life coaching can help get you there. Mindful Life Coaching

We Live In A Cluttered And Confusing WorldMindful Life Coaching

With so many messages coming from so many channels saying what life should look and feel like, it can be difficult to quiet the noise and tune into your own intuitive voice. Furthermore, with the increase of a technology dominated culture and the nonstop photos and messages crowding social media channels, it’s not uncommon to feel like we’re missing out on something in our own lives. What most people don’t consider while viewing their feeds is that these posts are often misleading, and that many—if not most—people are going though the motions. Many of us are longing to get in touch with our true essence, clear the clutter from our minds and discover what makes us truly come alive. Mindful Life Coaching

The great news is that it is possible to come alive and thrive. Mindfulness-based life coaching can help you find meaning and agency in the moment, connect to your deeper intentions, create actionable, attainable goals and foster a life that you truly enjoy living.Mindful Pittsburgh

Life Coaching Can Help You Discover And Reach Your Authentic Potential Mindful Life Coaching

The only way to truly get in touch with your own intuitive voice is to clear the clutter—those incessant, often toxic thoughts that most of us unconsciously loop in. Through cultivating a mindfulness practice, you can learn to notice and effectively clear your mind, which then gives way for attention and intention to emerge. Throughout the process, you can begin to engage in positive modes of thinking and let go of the distracting thoughts that pull you off course. Our attention and time are our most valuable resources. As you become more present and conscious, you can take control back and start engaging in thoughts that get you closer to your goals and bring more joy and fulfillment into your life. Mindful Life Coaching

With the help of life coaching, you can also develop an awareness about certain patterns of behavior that do not serve your intentions, goals or highest self. So much of our lives are habit-based, and it’s easy to fall into routine. As you learn how to embrace the present moment, you can stop functioning on autopilot and start taking empowered, thoughtful actions that support your goals, intentions, priorities and values. There are opportunities for change and growth in every moment. With practice, mindful thoughts and behaviors can become your default and your habits can become something the serve rather than harm you.

Whether you have many aspects of your life that you want to bring attention to or a particular focus, mindfulness based life coaching can help you not only reach your goals, but enjoy the moments you spend getting there. We have been helping clients assess their lives, create actionable goals and develop a customized plan to turn intentions into reality. In addition to helping you cultivate a mindfulness practice, we will also provide you with practical tips, techniques and skills that can support you in making lasting, meaningful change.

With support, guidance and a coaching approach developed to best support your unique goals, personality and intentions, it is possible to feel present, fully engaged in life and grounded in who you are. You can live a life of purpose and finish each day knowing that you lived it well.

You still may have questions or concerns about mindfulness-based life coaching…

I’ve heard the life coaching can be expensive and take a long time.

The beauty of my coaching approach is that the financial and time investment is really up to you. A lot can be gained in just a session or two, in which we can identify goals and develop an action plan. If you want to dig deeper into the work, we can meet regularly and we can assist you along the way.

I’m not sure if mindfulness really works or if it could work for me.

We know from years of both personal and professional experience that mindfulness works and, with practice, it can work for you, too. People all over the country are gravitating to the practice, and companies, such as Google, are advocating that their employee adopt it. Studies show that using mindfulness can lead to increased productivity, improved immune system function, better sleep and lower stress.

I’m not sure that I need a life coach. There are just one or two things that I want to work on. Can this coaching approach still help me?

Absolutely. What you want to work on is totally up to you, and we can work collaboratively to create an action plan that is tailored to best support your specific needs and goals.

You Can Live A Empowered, Meaningful Life

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