Spring Wellness: Essential Oils to Naturally Reduce Pollen & Allergens

While Spring is an enjoyable season of beautiful new blooms, vibrant colors, and new growth – allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, and feelings of being run down, may cause irritability, anxiety, and mental fatigue – making Spring anything but enjoyable.

Antihistamines are readily available, providing some relief, but not without side effects. It may surprise you to learn that natural remedies, when used properly, can provide allergy relief – essential oils included! essential oils

What is the root of the issue?

Studies have shown the connection between the immune system and allergies. When the immune system is overburdened, allergic response may be intensified. Poor gut health is directly linked to seasonal allergies.

A diet high in refined oils, sugar, dairy, and processed grains is a primary cause of gut disorders. This type of diet may also cause candida overgrowth – which has proven to be a primary cause of allergic reactions.

Stress directly affects the immune system. Stress management is vital to immune function and reduction of allergies. If you find yourself suffering from excess stress, talking with a professional counselor can help with managing it more effectively.

Essential Oils for Allergies

Essential oils are steam distilled from plants and have been used medicinally for centuries. These concentrated aromatic liquids can support physical, mental, and emotional wellness. They can be diffused or applied topically. essential oils

Peppermint, lemon, and lavender have shown to reduce pollen and allergens. These oils may be diffused together into the air, or applied topically to reduce allergy symptoms. Peppermint helps with mental clarity and alertness, while reducing nasal congestion. Lavender provides a calming affect, helping with stress reduction and restful sleep. Lemon oil is cleansing, uplifting, and may inhibit bacterial infection.

Here at Makin Wellness we provide custom essential oil blends and other holistic approaches to promote harmony between the body and mind. Therapeutic grade essential oils affect various body systems, providing support to overall wellness.essential oils

Contact us today for support with stress management, nutritional counseling, life coaching, or other wellness related goals and concerns!

About Makin Wellness

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Laura Stewart, BA, CHN Makin Wellness

Laura Stewart, BA, CHN Makin Wellness

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