Summer Wellness ~ Digital Detoxing

Technology may easily become addictive for young and old alike. Social media, games, texting, email, and endless apps to choose from can have you plugged in morning til’ night. Devices connect us to friends and family and can be quite entertaining, but we want to be sure we’re in control of our engagement, or it could end up controlling the majority of our time. If you feel your devices are taking over, a little digital detoxing may be in order. digital detoxing

A few studies have linked overuse of electronics to insomnia and poor sleep quality, since blue light supresses melatonin, which is a hormone produced by the body to promote sound sleep. Theres also evidence that children overly connected to devices are becoming less empathetic. b Lack of engagement in real life situations results in impatience, due to having instant gratification with the touch of a finger. Face to face conversation offers an exchange that can’t be replicated through technology.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to practice digital detoxing. Spending less time on devices helps reduce stress, promoting a more mindful approach by giving time and attention, and being present with those around you. A few simple ways to do this are – turning off notifications, keeping devices away from the dinner table (otherwise known as phone stacking), setting a timer when using your devices, and keeping devices turned off or out of the bedroom to ensure to optimize sleep. 

One study observed people who went on a digital detox. The observations made by neuroscientists, psychologists, and philosophers were quite encouraging. Participants had improved eye contact, and better posture, opening up their energy and engagement. Who doesn’t want positive energy?! Improved memory was also shown after being without electronic devices, since they could be more present and better able to store and process information. Another observation was participants had new perspective on life. Instead of wasting time on devices and using them as a crutch, they were able to think freely and evaluate their own life without distraction.

Why not try a digital detox this summer? It’s the perfect time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather, while spending time being present with friends and family. Perhaps you may find yourself happier, finding new perspective, and connecting with others face to face! digital detoxing

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