Healing Happens Here

At Makin Wellness, we’re not simply counselors for your mind. We embrace a results-based, holistic approach to healing and health. Our patients are people; with their own lives, experiences and lifestyle. Our mission is to treat the person… not the ailment.


Outcome-Based Therapy

Many therapists simply listen and give people a safe place to talk things out. This is a great start, but hardly enough. Our outcome based program gives patients measurable progress.


Holistic Healing

Treating the mind and ignoring the body is like filling your gas tank, but ignoring the oil change. At Makin Wellness, we treat the patient… not the disease. Our therapy involve lifestyle as well as mindset.



Our hearts do more than pump blood. Some electrical wavelengths and output exceed that of the brain. Your intuition, feelings and “sense” of things that are felt occur here.

Helpful Articles

I do not blog everyday. The bulk of my day is focused on my clients and their individual needs. When I run across a helpful article, or I have a solution, story or case study that would be helpful, I will share it here (names changed, of course), so click, enjoy and share!

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