allergies and anxiety

What do Allergies & Anxiety Have in Common?

Spring is in the air, and many are looking forward to enjoying the outdoors. Others though, may be a bit anxious over the excess pollen that will soon be in the air, causing coughing, sneezing, itching, and much discomfort to say the least. Living with allergies puts stress on the body and the mind. While anxiety and allergies are independent of one another, allergies may make anxiety worse, and vice versa. allergies and anxiety

Seasonal allergies, food allergies, or skin allergies can all create some amount of anxiety. Anxiety in turn, may weaken the immune system, making allergy symptoms worse. Under stress, the body releases cytokines, which effect the severity of an allergy attack. Anxiety and stress weaken the immune system further, making symptoms of allergies worsen. Physical symptoms coupled with decreased quality of life can heighten anxiety. Therefore it becomes cyclical. How can we nip these issues in the bud?

Holistic treatment options are helpful in supporting overall wellness, providing support to various body systems, and helping the mind and body to work in harmony with one another. Allergy medications can provide temporary relief, yet there are natural and effective ways to avoid relying solely on medications.

Exercise is one of the best ways to alleviate anxiety and support the immune system. Endorphins  are released through exercise, promoting a positive mood, while cortisol is lowered and toxins are released. Thus, allowing the body to function more as it should and reducing allergies and anxiety.

Therapy can also be a positive way to manage anxiety. Learning coping skills and ways to promote more positive thought processes, while releasing negative patterns can all be achieved through therapy sessions. Lifestyle and diet change are also an essential aspect in supporting the mind and body.

Whole foods have multiple benefits in giving the body what it needs, enabling us to function at our best. Incorporating relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety while supporting the immune system, so that allergy symptoms may be lessened. Lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils can help soothe allergies, giving both a calming and uplifting effect. Learn more about therapeutic grade essential oils for emotional support by clicking here!  allergies and anxiety

Here at Makin Wellness we are happy in providing support through a holistic approach. Contact us today to begin your wellness journey!

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Laura Stewart, BA, CHN Makin Wellness

Laura Stewart, BA, CHN Makin Wellness

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